Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Stroller Rollers Class?

Expect a great workout and to have fun! New moms will sign a liability form before class begins. Class will start with warm up exercises  followed by a quick run or walk. The workout itself consists of a variety of strength training exercises with dumbbell weights or bands, core work, and/or cardio mixed in as well. We end the last few minutes with stretching and cool down exercises.

Is there a signup fee?

Nope! First class is free then you can choose to pay per class ($5) or $40 per month

What should I bring to class?

For your first class all you will need is a yoga mat, a bottle of water, and a stroller for your little one(s). If you have a set of dumbbell weights bring those as well, otherwise we have extras.

What if my little is crying?

We all understand because we are moms too! We will keep the class moving, but you are more than welcome to go on a lap if that will help calm your little down! You can feed and or wear baby too! For older ones snacks and toys are always helpful as well!

Can I come if I am pregnant

Yes! Our trainers will give you exercises that are safe for pregnancy. We would love to have you with us for your prenatal journey. You can get all of the best mom advice and support ahead of having your baby!

After I have a baby when can I begin class?

We suggest that you wait to be cleared from your doctor before coming to class

Can I attend class if my kids are too big for the stroller?

Yes! If your kids would still like to come and they are too big for the strollers then they can play on the side. If your kids are in school, you are still welcomed to come!


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